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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The heart of Rochester

Mayo Clinic's downtown campus is just plain beautiful. 
There's no denying it! 
During the last few weeks I have had a chance to really check it out since
my new job puts me in the heart of it all.
I've had a couple of classes in my orientation that have required me 
to do some computer work in the Plummer Building 
which is part of the Mayo downtown campus
The Plummer Building 
Photo- google images

A little info in the Plummer Building... couldn't have said it better myself.

 The ceilings

This drinking fountain is so ornate, never seen anything like it.

From the walls to the doors to the tile floors.... beautiful

Inside one of the libraries, love this ceiling.

 The marble that outlines the solid wood door is an elegant contrast, oh and the floor...
 I'm sure I stood in awe as I marveled at it's beauty.

 From outside the library window I noticed many pigeons sitting on this outside wall
I wonder if they found this to be a warm spot.

 The Mayo Brothers,  Will & Charles  (Middle)

 again... the ceiling, the chandelier, the window

A close up of the marble that outlines the doors of the Plummer Library. 

The quiet was deafening...you could hear a pin drop 

The Plummer Building is just a snippet of things to see in the heart of Rochester, 
been here all my life and still have more to explore. 


  1. This is stunning. Is this building open to the public? Could I gain access to the library and see that water fountain, etc.? Or is this strictly for staff?

    Thanks for showing us this architectural and historical gem. Time to come and explore your city sometime instead of always just driving through/around it.

    1. Audrey I would love to set a day aside and show you around, and yes the Plummer house is open to the public. Spring/summer would be nice with all the fountains and gardens in bloom. :) Lets plan on it !

  2. Agreed! I've loved being downtown the past year and a half. I've always loved it but it's great being able to appreciate it daily. I have never really explored the Plummer Building either. I need to do that!

    1. There's always more to see isnt there Jen :)

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Lovely photos. Whether it's one of the newer building or a historic older one, Mayo's level of excellence (medical and architectural) is well known locally and beyond. When I was at RCTC (Phrm course) I toured the Gonda Bldg.....gorgeous!!!!