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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A little treasure on my Kitchen window...

Today while standing at the kitchen sink I noticed a bit of intricate artwork on my window, 
it appeared as if someone had etched this beautiful design right into the glass. 
When I was little, I would have given credit to "Jack Frost",
 the mythological boy who is said to be responsible for leaving the 
fern-like patterns on cold windows in the winter time.

But now I know, and give credit to the one who owns the cold, the wind, and the ice. 
The creator of heaven & earth and all that is in it!
 His beauty is all around us,  His handiwork sketched on my kitchen window.
Thank you Lord for this little treasure,
 that warmed my heart, 
on a bitter cold day, in Minnesota.


  1. I also have a picture some what like that on my patio window.

  2. No doubt God put that there just for his winter loving daughter.

    1. I think my mouth dropped open and I gasped, when I saw it! Then I ran for my camera :)

  3. Beautiful. I have similar artwork on numerous windows. Not quite as curled as yours, though.

    1. I really thought this one was extra curly,...and special :)