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Friday, January 30, 2015

Our 31 year old blessing...


It's her "Golden Birthday", already 31.... she's grown into this beautiful, respectable, incredible, admirable, nice, noble, amazing young women, who is full of grace, and humility.

A letter to my daughter on her birthday

Since the day you were born you have amazed us. You were born a beautiful baby, perfect skin and alert to your surroundings. You held your head up from a very early age, sat up by yourself at 4 months, walked at 8 1/2 months, and gave up your bottle for a sippy cup at 8 months.

You were a take charge preschooler, who liked to play with friends and be the leader.
Once you started school, your "first child" personality really came out... responsible, organized, and ambitious.

You were (and still are) a great big-sister who loves her little brothers! We are so glad you were 1st...such a good example for the boys, and a little mamma to both of them.

As you grew into a young lady Dad & I were amazed at your maturity beyond years! We did not experience the moody, dramatic, hormonal teenager we had expected and heard so much about. We cant explain it, but we know your heart & mind were in tune to how God was directing your path. You were a "no-nonsense" kind of girl who was adamant in what you believed and very much in-control of how you wanted to live your life!

You blew through high-school at the top of your class taking your education very seriously, which helped carry you through your college years. We never worried while you were away at school, we knew you'd make good choices.

You have become a beautiful young woman with a kind and patient mommy-heart. You are a devoted & loving wife, half-time nurse and full-time mommy!  

You are intuitive & frugal, you amaze us with your ability to figure out almost anything & fix things around the house. You are determined, sensitive and selfless (just like your daddy).

We are so proud of you Brianna, you have taught us much and we thank God for choosing us be your parents. We have been blessed with the best daughter a parent could ask for

May your year be filled with happiness, good health and many blessings.... Love you sweet Girl



  1. Awww, what a lovely letter!

    1. :) How did you girls get to be 31 already????

  2. Beautiful post. You and Rick did a great job raising a wonderful woman who has blessed my life as well!

    1. Thanks Jen, sometimes I feel like she raised herself, she's a gem!

  3. Aww, make me cry at work why don't ya! What a very beautifully written letter. Thanks for always seeing the good things in me and always letting me know it. I am who I am because of you and Dad, because of your example and raising me in a way that I was able to come to know the Lord. I never stop feeling so grateful for all of that. Thanks for not making me feel like I'm 31 and instead I still get to feel like I'm your kid :) Thanks for caring so much! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You will always be our "kid", no matter what age you are. You were so easy and a joy to raise...glad we still get to be so close and very much a part of your adult life. You still amaze us... Love you missy!!!

  4. So lovely!

    Happy birthday to Brianna!

  5. LOVE!-) (I wish I was able to post as a WP blogger!)

  6. Happy golden birthday, Brianna!

    Jackie, this is an absolutely beautiful letter to your sweet girl. It overflows with love. You raised a woman who sounds a lot like her parents.

    1. Thanks Audrey, She's a whole lot like her dad in so many ways. :)