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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just us....

I used this accomplishment as an excuse to.....

....have an overnight get-away with my favorite guy!

Ready to go  :)
Last week I reached my 100th Spinal tap, this marks the completion
 of my "Orientation".  I am now free to preform my skill without an observer. 
I decided this calls for a celebration....right!

So Friday night we were sitting in the family room and I asked Rick if we could 
do something fun this weekend, he was agreeable (as always). 
One of the million reasons I love this guy!

I got on Priceline and got us a room for Saturday night, $42.00...not bad  :)

First stop Saturday morning was IKEA. 
We are in the process of finishing a 3rd bathroom so thought it would be
 fun to checkout IKEA for some idea's.
We left with and oven mitt, and a shower curtain & rug for one of our other bathrooms.

 Since we were in "the neighborhood",
we also planned to watch our Niece play Volleyball.
Defense, back row....way to go Jensen! 

 Dinner was at my favorite place in the Twin Cities.... Granite City
BBQ Chicken flatbread pizza.... to die for!!!

 Bonus photo....Landing on the bridge  :)
Sunday morning we relaxed in the hotel and had us some Bible trivia  :)

Next adventure, the new outlet mall in Eagan, MN 
It was nice, (much like all the other outlets) 
I had fun browsing and only ended up with one purchase. 
*Please forgive the poor quality cell phone photo's
Very modern and fancy!

It was only noon and too soon to go home, so I suggested the Mall of America. 
My sweet husband (and his unselfish-self) didn't miss a beat and said, "lets go". 
This is from a guy who isn't a big shopper, so I was feeling quite loved and spoiled.
Doing something for your spouse with a happy heart 
(even if it's not YOUR favorite thing to do)
 is the best gift you can give the one you love!  

He found something to do... the king of massage chairs!
We both enjoyed relaxing in these amazing chairs in one of our favorite stores in the MOA.
We spent about 45 minutes trying out the different chairs. 
Now that we were all massaged & relaxed we decided to "power walk" the mall,
which equals out to be about 1.7 miles.

We stopped a few times to take some picture and to
 indulge in a Cinnabon and some cheese curd samples :)

 The Barbie mobile
Coolest light fixture ever! 

We arrived back home about dinner time,  I whipped up some sloppy Joe's 
and we watched The Hunger Games on network TV...
a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend with my favorite guy!


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. Randy and I really need to plan a day trip or overnighted. That $42 for a hotel room is a bargain. Wow. I need to check out that website.

    Congrats on completing your 100th procedure!

    1. For us it's always good to get away from home and the "normal" day to day, if even just for one night :)

  2. Sounds perfect! Glad you had fun!

    1. We had fun, and felt refreshed :)

  3. Congratulations on your 100th procedure Jackie! What a fun get away. We like to use priceline too, it works great for road trips.

  4. Thanks Rachel, we really had a good time, cant wait for March...another road trip is planned to the North Shore :)