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Monday, March 23, 2015

A favorite get-away

Rick and I love to take what we call "little get-aways" It's just what it sounds like, it's not for a long time or far far away, it's just a "little get-away"  :)

A time to relax and enjoy time with each other 
without the hustle and bustle and distractions of home.

A favorite get-away for us is the North Shore along Lake Superior, 
which really mimics an ocean in my mind (without the warmth)
Looking out the window in our room at the Chateau LeVeaux

The Moose Room
Our favorite place to stay along the North Shore

 Our view as we walk through the door....this never gets old!

The only place to see snow on the North shore is the ski hills... ha
 Meanwhile Rochester is having a snow storm which produced around 7.5 - 8" of the white stuff.
Just my luck.... I LOVE snow, but I still wouldn't trade it for this fun little get-away.
 Lutsen Mountain
We actually brought ski equipment along with the thought of possibly skiing but my bum knee is not feeling the best so we thought it best not to risk it....another time  :)

So we hiked instead....  
which still wasn't the best thing for my ailing knee, but...
that's not gonna completely stop me from moving around 
and exploring God's beauty in the northland. 

this guy
 Not to bad for a self-timer shot

Some treacherous, icy step that were very steep.... whew, made it  

Temperance River 

 Back to our place down by the Lake

This is the 1st time we've ventured up to Tofte during this time of year.
It's cold, but still beautiful.
 Our goal is to relax and enjoy each other with the time spent here. 
When we come in the fall we are busy, busy, busy, exploring, hiking & shopping,
we are on-the-go constantly, still enjoying all that we do but in a fast paced setting,
squishing lots of things in a short amount of time.
We are finding a more quiet setting this time of year, it's a good thing.

Today a lazy morning, breakfast in the room, lounging, a quick swim, soup and sandwiches in the room for lunch, a short nap, then reading and computer time in the great room on the main level. We've relaxed most of the day away, now we are off to Grand Marais to spend some time
hiking around Artist Point, browsing the shops and later we'll head to Sven and Ole's for pizza....a favorite  :)


  1. Glad you are having a great get-a-way.

  2. Fun, looks perfect! Have fun in Grand Marais tonight!

  3. Love these beautiful, scenic shots, Jackie. I have never been to Grand Marais. You are definitely making me think we need to head up North. It's been years since we've been that way. I need to check out the place where you stayed. The view is stunning.

    1. Thanks Audrey, we love it here. This area holds so much to do if you like to hike and sight-see. Grand Marais is a fun side trip, only 28 miles north of here, it's worth the trip just for pizza at Sven & Ole's. :)

  4. Love how you guys are so intentional about time together:) I completely understand enjoying time together away from the home distractions...I need that too.

    1. Getting away makes a big difference doesnt it. We really love our "intentional" time together :)

  5. What a fun get away Jackie! Sounds and looks like something Brian and I would like. The view from your room was amazing!

    1. It's so amazing in the Fall, best time to be there for sure. We went this time for more R&R. I'm thinking you guys would really enjoy it!

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I thought I posted a response but I think I messed up! Your hotel looks beautiful! What a great location! Is it in Duluth? My husband grew up there and we're hoping to get back up soon to visit...

  7. Gretchen, its actually a place with lots of condo's owned by individuals,between Lutsen and Tofte called Chateau LeVeaux. There are also 3 "Hotel-like rooms", and we stay in one of those, they are spacious with a couch, table , microwave and fridge, so it's perfect for us. The condo's have full kitchens, I suppose if you were staying for a week or more you would like that.