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Friday, March 20, 2015

No additives, just Pure sweetness!

Pure maple syrup, 
manufactured from maple trees at Ricks boyhood home,
 and several other trees in that neighborhood.

We stopped by Steve's house (Rick's 2nd cousin)  yesterday to drop something off 
and we found Peter, Steve's son, (Rick's 2nd cousin once removed)
 processing some Maple syrup in their driveway.
I couldn't help my self, 
I began drilling Peter on the process,  it's quite fascinating!
 Peter told me that his dad Steve welded this old wood stove together many years ago, 
Steve and family have been making maple syrup for at least that many years.

 3 pints of Pure maple syrup on the table with one large container "cookin down" in the driveway

 A hot fire keeps this batch boiling....
cooking off the water 

Peter says when the batch boils down to a smaller amount they transfer it to this pot 

and continue cooking the water off on top of these gas burners. 

Fun fact from Peter....
40 gallons of sap from neighborhood trees 
 will yield 1 gallon of Maple syrup.

Here's Peter showing off his finished product

He offered up a "taste test".... all I could say was, YUM! 

Preservative free, pure maple syrup 

This is the house where my husband grew up. 
The maple trees in the front yard are tapped for collecting sap. 
My in-laws still live here,  just four doors down from Steve's house where we 
found Peter making the finished product.   


  1. Jackie, for so many reasons, this post simply makes me smile. It's about family and love and tradition as much as maple syrup.

    1. Your absolutely right Audrey, It's all pretty sweet :)

  2. Love this whole blog :) It's cool that you spent time learning about syrup making from Peter. Love the tradition :) It's cool that the Moen's have lived so close to Grandpa and Grandma for so long. I can't believe it takes 40 gallons of sap to get only one gallon of syrup!

    1. Peter actually told me so much about the process, but I thought it would get to long in "blog format" to ramble on and on about it. It was all very interesting, such a cool process.

  3. Your brother does this every spring too. It is a long process, but very tastey

    1. Yep, he sure does, it's got to be something you really enjoy and have time to do. The end result is very yummy :)

  4. It was fun to share the process and have it portrayed through pictures. Thank you for the interest and blogging about it!

    1. It was an added bonus Peter for Rick and I to visit with you and hear about the process of making Maple Syrup. Thanks for answering my gazillion questions :)

  5. We love real maple syrup, but have never had it "homemade" before. What a cool experience Jackie! Thanks for sharing the process with us.

  6. It's really "sweet" and more runny than the syrup you buy in the store, but so yummy.