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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Independence Day with family...

This year was a little sparse..... 
ten were missing from our annual 4th of July Erickson family photo
The Erickson clan 2015

Mom and Dad with some of their grands and great-grands
7 were missing, including 1 day old Eli.

Our 3 little ones. 

 Gathering in the kitchen

1 year old Scarlett opening a few presents on her birthday.
(her actual party is next weekend)
My daughter (left) Audrey (center), Scarlett's mamma (right)

Niece Jensen and nephew Grant Playing games

Uncle Gavin and Grandpa Rick hanging out with Scarlett

 Audrey and her daddy, waiting for the rest of the family for a photo op
Love this picture of them.

 My younger brother Randy holding the doll my mom made from a poppy flower
 while my oldest son Brice photo-bombs him.
Great-grandpa Gale (my dad) getting the old vintage trike for Carson 

A full belly deserves a little nap. 
My youngest son Gavin.


  1. Great pictures and captions. Only one correction. The doll is a hollyhock not a poppy.

    1. I knew I had that wrong... I mess that flower name up every time

  2. Love! The picture of Chris and AJ is so sweet :)

    1. They were just sitting so patiently waiting for you and Carson... thought they looked so sweet together :)

  3. What's with the vintage trikes this year? Those were out at my family Fourth gathering also. Such fun for the kids. Love that your mom made the doll from a Hollyhock.

    1. That Trike is so rusty but still fun for the littles. My mom and her Hollyhock dolls.... takes me way back to grandma's farm when she used to make them for us when we were little .