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Thursday, August 13, 2015

4 weeks with these bad boys...

I've survived 4 weeks on these bad boys...
I have calluses on my palms to prove it!

Healing and looking better, still a bit swollen, but on the mend.
I have about 2 1/2 weeks left to wean off crutches and start back to work,
I cant wait to get back to my friends at work, and doing the job that i love...

 I have been spoiled and blessed over these last 4 weeks by my wonderful husband who has...
taken over all the household chores, carried everything everywhere for me since my hands are always tied up. He does it all, without complaining, has always been near to make sure I'm comfortable.
I'm not surprised, he is a humble, patient and selfless man who has always put me first,
in sickness and in health, did I mention how blessed I am to have this guy?
In return, over these last few weeks I have encouraged him to "get away" for a game of golf a couple times a week and to go off on his own and run errands!  I know it gets tiring being the caretaker.
Thank you Rick, you are the best!

I have also been blessed by so many friends and family during my recuperation time,
 I will not name everyone because you know who you are!!!

People have brought me food, sent me yummy fruit bouquets, and taken me to lunch.

My sweet daughter has hung my clothes,
 taken me to lunch and drove me to places I needed to be.

I have been given magazines to look through to help pass the time

Special text messages to say, "we miss you, and love you" (my co-workers)

many have emailed and called...so appreciated!

Virtual get well cards with sweet messages

...and last but not least,
I have a whole league of prayer warriors who have been praying since before the surgery.
I thank you all,  again...you know who you are.

Looking forward to hiking again this fall, and walking stairs like a normal person, without pain.


  1. Here's to pain-free life and thanksgiving to God for successful healing and recovery.

    You are loved, my friend. God is good.

  2. It's hard to even remember that you had surgery or that you're not quite up to your normal speed because you never complain! Wish I could do more! Glad you have Daddy to be your #1 helper :) Love you!

    1. You were very helpful and kept me company on several occasions, thanks for being a wonderful daughter during a very busy time in your life with little ones. Love you :)

  3. You are a blessed woman indeed! Glad you're recovering so well!

    1. Thanks Jen, I'm getting there, another few days and I'll be off the crutches, Cant wait!