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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Country roads....take me home

As I traveled down a gravel road on a recent road trip,
 I got the John Denver's song "Country Roads" in my head...
 I couldn't get it out of my head, so I just sang it acappella, over and over again!
(dont be judging)

When I go road trippin' in the country I just start driving, 
I don't know where I'm going but I keep a sense of direction, so I usually don't get lost.
 If I get mixed up I always have my trusty smart phone to get me back on track.
This time I headed, NE, then straight N, then W and back SE to home.

 I drove right by this mailbox, then decided I had to go back and take a photo!
People are so creative.

 I passed a lot of barns with quilt patches on them...love looking at the different patterns

 and there is always a farmer on a tractor that you meet along the way

 These brick silo's with the patterns are so cool, 
this one could only be seen over the tops of the trees
Loved this place! Not on the typical flat ground, like most farmsteads.
Brick silo, corncrib adorned by vines, and windmill are all my favorites.

Simple country beauty, all around
Country roads, take me home....

Stay tuned for more posts on my recent road trip.


  1. OK, you are seriously making me want to take a Sunday afternoon drive instead of laboring in the basement today. Great photos, as always, my friend.

    1. Well now.... Sunday should be a day of rest, right? So I vote for the country drive. How close are you getting to finishing the basement?

  2. Jackie, I am truly inspired by the way you nurture your hobbies. Have you seen the house on the East side of Hwy 52 going to Cannon Falls that has a corn crib turned into a screened in porch in the yard? I think it's awesome!

    1. I have not see that corn crib Jen. Going up this weekend I will have to look for it :)