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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm captivated by spooky old country cemeteries

On every country road trip, there are bound to be a few small country cemeteries.
I am drawn to cemeteries, like bees are to flowers!

My eye caught this sign, St. John's cemetery
 as I was driving through Hammond, a little town in SE Minnesota 

 I had to check it out (of course), so I backed up and started the accent in my trusty Santa Fe. 
It started out smooth and grassy buy soon became steep and full of deep dirt ruts...
 to late to back down, I was a little worried that I might not make it up... 
but I did!
It was a wee bit spooky being up there on the hill with only me, my car and a lot of grave stones.
I put on my brave hat and milled around, looking at the head stones, and wondering how often they had been visited by loved ones... such a remote place and not easy to get to.

From Hammond, I drove west and passed by this little beauty in Mezeppa, MN
Decided not to get out here, but drove through anyway.

Finally stop was the cemetery in Berne, MN

I Loved this rusty metal gate, and the corn field that lines the cemetery.

These little country cemeteries are typically well cared for, they are simple yet unique.
I often find myself walking and wondering about those who are buried there, especially the young.
I feel bad when I see the headstones that are so old that the names are unreadable,
have they been forgotten? Sad to think this could be true.


  1. I've been to Hammond several times and never noticed this cemetery.

    Oh, Berne...they used to do a wonderful Swiss festival, but no more. Now they serve brick oven pizzas on Wednesday evenings. It is on my list of things I want to do.

    1. It was hard to notice Audrey, all you see is that little sign and that marks the turn up the grassy hill to the plot. I drove by and somehow my eye caught the sign so I turned around to venture up to it.

      I have never been to the Berne Pizza, but have heard a lot about it, sounds like it could be a fun outting.