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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Share the beauty...

My daughter mentioned a few days ago that
 "Flowers in a Mason Jar" always catch her eye.
Well then....
Today I got me a Mason Jar, and filled it with Zinnea's from my front garden.
Rick & I stunned her when we showed up with this small but sweet surprise. 
Every girl loves flowers, especially when given for no reason at all!

There was a reason attached to these flowers.
We love you sweetie !


  1. Thanks Mama! I figured you added the mason jar touch after seeing my post about loving flowers in mason jars! Nothing better than flowers, but even better when they're a surprise and fresh from your yard (and in a jar of course!) Love you, and Dad! Thanks for brightening my day, even though you initially gave me a heart-attack!

  2. So very sweet:)

  3. I'm with Bri. I, too, love flowers in the simplicity of a Mason jar. Zinnias happen to be one of my favorite flowers. And I didn't even plant any this year. :(

    1. Me too Audrey, I usually have a vase filled with fresh flowers from my little gardens. I always have good intentions of saving the seeds of my Zinneas to plant the next year. I have tried twice to save them, but always manage to lose them before the next spring. This year i will try harder :)