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Sunday, January 03, 2016

2015... It was a good year!

Come January, I like to reflect and look back on my photo's as I
flip the page of time and begin a new chapter!
One of our favorite places to be....lake Superior
It's very hard to pick and choose the photo's that I want to display, 
there are just too many things to be thankful for
We had a great year,
 full of blessings,
 good health,
 amazing family, and 
precious grandchildren.
I have a truly amazing husband who  enriches my life daily! 
I cant say enough about this man and how he has helped shaped my life, 
he encourages me, and has led our marriage by example,
with Christian values as our foundation.
I am blessed to be his and I thank God everyday for this unmerited gift!

We had many little "road trips" this year as Rick and I love to explore Minnesota
 Lanesboro Dam
Grand Marias 
 we even ventured into Wisconsin to visited our nieces and nephews.

We spent precious time with family throughout the year
4th of July with my family 
Christmas celebration with Rick's family
Summer time hangouts

Our kids, 
(minus Chris who was working)
We are not perfect, I'ts sometimes hard being the parents of adult children
 but we continue to love each other and grow in our relationships.
and then there's these 3.... 
have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to be a grandparent... 
our hearts are bursting with love for these precious little ones.
We can hardly contain ourselves, I've said it before and I'll say it again
Grandparenting is a great gig!!!

And then there are friends...
I have me some amazing co-workers, we are pretty tight and really care deeply for each other.
We play and have fun outside of work, this year we made lefse together.
More friends....
 We go way back, friends from church...
we meet once a month to laugh, share our lives, (the good and the bad) 
and support each other as we grow old together. 

 We become empty-nesters this year, not sure I'm thrilled about it. 
  I know that it's suppose to happen.... I just don't have to like it.

Our health is good...
Just a little knee fixer-upper in July.
Oh we have aches and pains but we still try to get to the gym a few times a week, 
and hike when we can

New life....
We were blessed with 2 new Grand Nephews this year, 
We have 4 grand nieces & nephews...lucky us!

Last,  but not least we bought a cabin, the desire to be a cabin owner 
has been in Rick's head & heart for a long time, here's what I said to him one day this spring....
I said,
 "Honey, let's not be in our 60's someday and say to each other", 
"Why didn't we just do it"?
 and the rest is history.....
September 2015
For now it's ours... 
on the Lake we love in Northern Minnesota!
We know life happens in ways you don't expect sometimes, it presents itself with ups & downs.
All around us we see hurt, unexpected illness, accidents and major life changes, 
we know we are not exempt from these things, but we will live for today, and
 enjoy the many gifts we have received.

We are not perfect, so....
 we are thankful for God's grace, His love for us despite our flaws, and
 His mercies that are new everyday.
We will continue to keep God first, humbly asking for ongoing blessings of good health, a happy marriage, a loving family and many fond memories in our sweet cabin.

We are looking forward to new adventures in 2016, 
We hope you have a wonderful year as well.
God Blessings to  you and  yours!!!


  1. I love every single thing about this post. A blessed New Year to you, my dear Jackie!

    1. Oh thank you Audrey, it was fun to look back and hit the highlights!

  2. What a beautiful update. Thank you for sharing Jackie:) Happy New Year to a wonderful family!

    1. Thanks Jen, happy New Year to you as well!

  3. Fun to look through the year! I have no idea what you're talking about.......difficulties parenting adult children.......I am perfect. Heehee.

    1. I wasn't sure how to say it nicely, ha ha. Someday you will understand what that phase means....when you are the parent of adult children....noooooooooo, this can never be!!!