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Sunday, January 31, 2016

It happens... they grow up (but not old)

Hard to believe that our 1st born is 32 years old today. 
She came into the world at 3:34pm,  on Tuesday January 31st, 1984. 
We chose not to find out the gender.
We were surprised....and thrilled all at the same time,
A Girl!
 Brianna Marie Hemmer 
9 lb 4 oz  &  22 inches long
a beautiful baby girl
We fell in love the moment we saw her!

Our daughter was a sweet first born (once she grew out of the colic), she was a leader among her peers at a young age, always organizing and wanting to be the teacher, or the person "in charge". 
She was not the Typical teenage girl, none of the hormonal stuff, she was sure of herself and found no reason to pretend she was someone she wasn't. She was a no-nonsense kind of girl, her faith was strong at an early age, and she was blessed to have good friends, throughout her college days.
To this day she continues to amaze us.
A beautiful women of faith, who is kind, smart, and has a heart for others!
She is selfless, always putting her family first...

 We see a loving nurturing mommy to her sweet "babies"

My favorite shot ever of Brianna and Audrey

 My other favorite picture of Brianna and Carson (with his curls)

She is a loving & devoted wife to Chris.
Patient, supportive and his #1 fan!
We are so proud of you sweet girl, we marvel at the woman you have become! 
You have your daddy's kind, selfless spirit, and your mamma's love for her family!
You have blessed us at every stage of your life and we look forward
 to many more years to celebrate you!!!

A few bonus photo's.....

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Brianna and Audrey and the same age....crazy 
 I chuckle to myself when I look at this picture of you and your "LITTLE Brothers"
You are the best Big sister these boys could ever have had! 
I'm glad you were our first born...these two needed lots of watchin' over!
Thanks for helping dad take care of them when I worked those 12 hour weekends  :) 

 Happy Birthday Brianna, We love you!
Mom & Dad


  1. Aww, thanks for the sweet blog! You always make me sound better than I think I am :) I love all the pictures! The one with Audrey and I at the same age is so funny! I'll have to show her that. The one of Me with you too is cute, even though I didn't know what to do with my hands :) Love you Mom! I feel special to get my own blog!

    1. Well you ARE better than you think you are, that's the truth and you better believe it cuz I'm your mother and mother's know!!! <3

  2. Happy birthday, Brianna! Knowing you and Rick, Jackie, I'm not at all surprised to read of Brianna's qualities. Wow, do she and Audrey look exactly alike or what?

    1. She really is much more like her dad in many ways...thank goodness! Hard to believe our younguns are growing up isn't it! Yes, these photo's do make Audrey and Brianna look a lot alike, but she has a lot of Chris in her too!

  3. You raised a beautiful daughter! I am blessed to know her:)