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Friday, January 15, 2016

It was worth the wait!

28 years ago we built our current house!
There wasn't a lot of room for storage in this house plan, 
so we decided to leave a room unfinished for the time to use as a  storage room.
It was dubbed, The Junk Room.
Our plan was to eventually finish this room off to become another bathroom.
"Eventually" turned into 27 1/2 years.
This last fall we began the process to finish the 3rd bathroom.

First step, empty out the room
 purge and destroy!

Some things were harder than others to get rid of.

A clean slate...
Rick did most of the work himself, framed the walls, sheet-rocked, put the floor in, 

 the light fixture, the vanity and mirror.

He painted and put on the trim.
 He did the electrical, but left the plumbing to a plumber. 

Our talented neighbor Dan, came in and did the finishing work on the walls and ceiling.

Cutting holes in the house ( for the fan vent) makes me nervous, 
but the man of the house knows what he's doing! 

Installing the toilet
Thanks to my awesome DIY man, we have a beautiful new bathroom on our lower level
It's perfect, and I love it!!!

Thanks Rick... now on to the next project   :)


  1. And so worth the wait!!!!!!

  2. I can totally relate to projects. And to your concern about cutting a hole in the wall. I questioned Randy on that one, too, when he made a hole for the sump pump hose.

    The bathroom looks fantastic. Well done, Rick.

    1. We are quite pleased with the outcome, just a few final touches and it's in the books :)

  3. Beautiful work!