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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Good news to some...an early Spring?

 Punxsutawney Phil (the infamous groundhog),
 failed to see his shadow at dawn today, 
meaning he "predicted" an early spring.
This is good news to many...
 as for me I'd rather have the 6 more weeks of winter! 

Well it's not Spring yet folks...

It was a perfect day for winter to show up
I went into work today (on my day off) to help out my co-workers who were short-staffed.
When I left at 1pm, I had a bit of the white stuff to brush off my car. 
The temperature was mild so I delighted in this task 

The roof of my car....4 inches perhaps?
 Rick had already shoveled twice but I wanted to play in the snow too!
Third times a charm  :)
Cleaning up the edges 

6 inches is what we got here at our house. 
Not sure how accurate that is with the wind and all, but I'll take it! 



  1. pretty pictures :) It's pretty out there today!

  2. You sound like one happy winter-loving gal. How kind of you to go into work on your day off to help. I'm not surprised. Love that evergreen image and the quote.

    1. It's so beautiful outside, I'm loving the fresh coat of snow!