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Monday, April 11, 2016

Des Moines Manor in the Oaks......

I probably could have gone on and on, and posted many more photos about our tour of the Salisbury house, I recommend you go see it for yourself, it's a grand mansion with soooo much history and art.
 Just some tiny little blue flowers.

 On a recent Anniversary trip to Des Moines we toured a grand house.
The Salisbury house is made up of 3 styles, Tudor, Gothis and Carolean.
 It was built between 1923 and 1928 by Cosmetic magnate Carl weeks.
 I couldn't fit the entire house in one photo
 The house was modeled after an English manor called the King's house in Salisbury, England.
It has 42 rooms including 7 bathrooms.   The house measures just over 22,000 Sq feet.
~     ~     ~
Carl Weeks had gone to school to become a pharmacist, 
he married a lady 6 years his junior, her name was Edith she was an Art major.
While they were still courting Carl followed her to England. It was while in Paris that Carl's was inspired and began the development of his cosmetic empire, it started with a foundation for women's faces. It took him several years after returning to the states to perfect his "foundation" idea.
 His company became known as ARMAND, this company made him a millionaire.
The grandness of Salisbury house just cant be captured on camera
a close up of the in laid rocks on the exterior of the home
Inside, looking out to the front of the home

 The stone for the fireplace, the wood on the walls and the tapestry along the ceiling 
were all brought over from England.
The house was finished with antiques, paintings, rare books and construction materials from England dating back to the 1600's and 1700's. These materials included wood flooring, ceilings,  stone, brick etc. all in an attempt to replicate the Kings House that they loved in England.

This piano.... I cant even tell you how beautiful it was, I've never seen anything like it.
 a one-of-a-kind Steinway
 the detail in the legs 
~    ~     ~
Mr. Weeks REALLY like naked ladies!
  He displayed many works of art that featured these naked women, throughout the mansion.
 I decided that the above print was decent enough to post. 

 The  doorways are all small as seen here as Rick walks through.
Notice the bigger rocks  randomly laid in the brick wall...
Mr. Weeks was and avid rock collector, you can see these rocks in the walls throughout the house.

 The original elevator that still works.... I used it twice

A bedroom window view of the back yard/Gardens

Oh, just a bathroom.... for whomever.
Notice the wicker seat that covers the porcalin toilet bowl.

 Edith’s sumptuous bedroom suite, including a dressing room with adjacent bath.
I couldn't believe this was JUST her dressing room, that's a three panel mirror on the left.
Her very own Bathroom
On the floor is an inlaid scale for Edith, you can see where she stood by the worn foot marks.
 It's now cover by plastic to protect it.
Her bedroom, with a sitting room and fire place..... crazy rich people!
Carl had a bathroom too... Dah! I loved the black tile.
and, his bedroom.  
Seriously I could not take a photo that did anything justice
You have to see it for yourself.

The Weeks family, they had 4 boys.... 
what a grand playroom this mansion must have been.

again.... more detail

The mansion is now used for a history museum and is on the National Register of Historic Places. 
It's used for various events and activities, and is open to the public for guided and self tours. 
If you're ever in Des Moines I would highly recommend you visit the Salisbury house! 
We spent about 2 hours ohhhhhing and ahhhhhing over it's beauty.


  1. I seriously now want to travel to Des Moines. Thanks for the tour. I'm glad you could take photos.

    1. There really is plenty to do! I think I will do one more post :)

  2. So cool and unique!