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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Visit's, hugs and conversation...

 It's not only about the flowers from my daughter 
But they are about the prettiest I've ever seen
 Me and my sweet girl.
I love watching my daughter as a mom. 
Her love for those little one is so strong.
 She is the most patient, kind, loving, generous, God-loving and selfless mamma I know!
She is a wonderful example to her children... they have an amazing teacher.
 Did I mention silly?

It's not about the "selfie stick" I received from my youngest,
 It's about the photo...
  I actually love this photo of my son and I!

 I love every gift I received from my family. 
but I get the most joy from the visits and hugs and conversations!
My kids, grands and husband gifted me with love through communication and physical "presents"

About 8:30 pm on Mother's Day I became giddy with delight
when I saw my Daughter-in-love's name on my phone screen,
 I knew that meant "Facetime" with my 3 from the twin cities.
I opened my phone to the sweet face of my youngest granddaughter and her
words of excitement when she saw my face,... "nah-ma" (grandma).
Even though they weren't in my presence physically, it meant a lot to talk with them on a live stream!

 I got to  spend time with my sister and mom on Mother's day weekend,
 We weeded mom's front flower bed...almost done, then we'll plant  :)
Mom's a good supervisor!

We were also blessed with the 2 other grands for an overnight at Grandma's house.
 Sweet girl, who's growing up fast.

I LOVE the look on Carson's face as he hauls all of uncle Gavin's discs back to the bag. 
Gavin seems quite enamored with his little nephew!

LOVE is a verb...
My kids and husband acted out love throughout the day with hugs, visits, and conversation.... 
they made time for me and I love them for that.
I'm one blessed mamma


  1. Sweet blog. Thanks for all the kind words :) I had a good example myself! Cute how Buddy is trying to hold ALL the discs!

    1. I am so thankful that you have a lot of dad's wonderful qualities,...we think we raised a pretty wonderful daughter!

  2. It was a great weekend. Thanks for all you and your sis did for me.

    1. We will keep picking away... now if the rain would just stop :)

  3. You are blessed, Jackie. Blessed. You had the perfect essence of Mother's Day.

    1. Yes, I am, and It's something I never take for granted. Thanks for your kind words :)

  4. Beautiful share! Lovely days, such as this one, is another pearl on the string of life!!

    1. Thanks Doreen, I am blessed with sweet family!