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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Family vacation and our joy before we knew.....

 Diabetes sucks but I refuse to let it steal our joy before we knew.....

June 24th, 2016 
The week marked for our family vacation at the cabin with the kids and grandkids.
We had a fun-filled 4 days before Carson (our grandson) 
became ill and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes while at the cabin.

That blog will come later, but for now
 I choose "JOY" and great memories in the 4 days before everything changed....

We had a wonderful time as a family, swimming, boating, laughing, 
playing games and making memories.
 Carson driving the boat with Grandpa

Uncle Brice and Audrey always up to their shananaghans, 
while uncle Gavin encourages Scarlett to watch.
 Playing in the sand

Scarlett was not about to let go of Auntie Brie 

 They love their Uncle Gavin

 We ventured over to our beloved Camp "Pine Haven" 
just around the bend from our cabin. Playing Carpetball

all 3 grands swinging, I love this one.

Little Scarlett with her mamma (Jennifer)

watchin' the ducks
Morning talks (sister in laws)

found this idea in Pinterest
Brice is gonna take this dandy off the hook for me

Gavin's getting ready to tube
boat rides 

 playin' in the sand
 On the boat with daddy, 
My son Brice and granddaughter Scarlett

I love fishing off the dock
Carson loved letting the water hit his hand
 Brianna & Audrey loved tubing together

Carson caught about 5 sunny's, The look on his face was priceless
Miss Audrey caught a big one!
 Playing games with Grandpa

This girl LOVES the water  (Audrey)
Cousins, I love these three so much!!!
 She loved playing in the sand  (Scarlett)

 Brice and Scarlett out for a Kayak ride

and you cant be together at the cabin without some jams

I love our family like no other, 
we are blessed to have each other, and I'm glad we were together to support each other 
when we got the news of Carson's diabetes.
We are missing Chris (carson's daddy) in this photo, 
but he was with us through phone calls and "facetime" (in Rochester)
 We are thankful for technology.

Thanks for hanging in there through all the photo's....
see, we really did have a lot of fun.

Update to follow on the not-so-happy part of our vacation... stay tuned


  1. Thank you for sharing the sweetness and love of your family. Both are so evident in your images. I am so sorry Carson is dealing with diabetes. I know your family will be there for him and Brianna and Chris through everything. Oh, for the blessings of family.

    1. I'm longing for the day we can look back and say, "see, everything is ok"...sigh. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I skimmed through these pictures, I love them and the trip was so great, but feeling like it's kinda hard to think about 'before' right now, so I'll have to come back to this blog later :) Love the group picture at the end.

    1. I agree it's so hard, but I was determined to post about the 4 sweet days we had together. I know those days will come again, it will take time!!! Love you sweet girl!