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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Friends, family and a celebraton...

 When we bought our cabin last September,
 we knew we would want to share it with family and friends!
Last week was one of those weeks filled with just that.... family & friends.

We had two couples stay with us while we attended a 75th year celebration 
of the church camp that we attended together for many years. 
The church camp "Pine Haven Christian Assembly" is a camp that my Rick attended as a kid, 
and our 3 kids attended every summer from 4th grade to senior high, and... our family spent more than 20 years vacationing at the camp during a week that was open to our church family.
Two of our kids were baptized in the lake at camp.
It is near and dear to our hearts and only a stones throw down the beach from our cabin.
 Many of our friends attended the celebration, some now attend different churches and
some have moved to other states, so it was fun to see old friends during the weekend of celebration. 
Lots of singing good ole' church music

Kerry & Ruth came up a few days early so the boys could golf, we have been friends for many years we loved spending time with them one on one at the cabin.

Me, Suellen & Linda , friends that go way back. 
Suellen is also Ricks 2nd cousin.

Our niece Jill and her husband Travis (and pup Luna) surprised her mom and dad who were staying at the cabin next door. They pitched their tent on our side yard so they could still 
have a view of the lake. It was fun having them up for a few days!
They had us up until midnight one night, so fun to have some quality time with these two.

 Ken & Linda stayed with us as well, 
we had so many years full of memories with them at Pine Haven. 
Linda and I used to watch babies in the nursery together.
Robyn (also a church friend) who has a cabin across the lake from us kayak'd over 
one morning to visit while Ruth & I were having coffee on the dock.

 Boat rides
Dinners together

This makes us so glad....to just be chillin' with friends 

 Linda & suellen catching up. 
Suellen and husband Tim moved to Arizona but
came back to Minnesota for the celebration.
After all the friends were gone, we still had family!
Rick's brother Brad and his wife Julie, rented the "back cabin" next door. 
My man's still got it goin'-on!!!  

 We enjoyed time with Brad & Julie taking long boat rides and watching our men ski.

Brad, showing his skills!

It was a busy, but fun week full of friends, family, conversations and memories to cherish!
It woulnt be right not ot post a picture of the moon and it's reflection over the lake!
Our view from the cabin in the stillness of the night!  


  1. Love the pictures and all the fun memories you made!!!

    1. It really was a good time :)

  2. What wonderful shared moments of remembering shared moments!!!! That last photo.....so perfect!!!!!

    1. Thanks Doreen, we had such a great time with old friends.

  3. This has to be heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, and these beautiful photos, of friendship and love.

    1. It does feel a little bit like heaven on earth. Our friendships go back for over 20 years, it was good to sit a bit and make new memories!