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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

These 3.... Oh*My*Heart


So earlier this summer, I did the 3 grandkids yearly photoshoot...
 all at the same time!
 It was a little more hectic, but I had two awesome assistants
My daughter Brianna and dear husband Rick

It takes a lot of patience to get all three to look at the camera, to all smile, and
 to sit still... ha ha, I love this one.

 Audrey first... she's 7
 She's a natural
 Growing up fast
 such a sweet soul!
Beautiful inside and out!
 She's easy....Pose and smile
 Love her!!!

Then there's Carson,
he's 4!
did I mention he's 4?

a little goof this boy is!

OK...time to pose and smile 

This boy is sweeter than pie
He tugs at his Grandma's heartstrings

Save the smallest (and busiest) for last...
Scarlett, she's 2
 She is sugar & spice and everything nice...
 those eyes
those curls
She's so sweet, almost too much!!!  :)

Then we do the "together" shots...
My favorite

 Love these two
They are such good friends.

 The 3 of them
We are so lucky & blessed to have these 3 beautiful grandchildren
We really can never get enough of them.
Thank you for letting my brag on the loves of my life  :)


  1. I need to order mine soon! Love the pictures and these three sweeties!!!

    1. I need some wallets :)

  2. Three of my sweet great-grandkids. What a blessing.

    1. They are pretty wonderful :)

  3. Oh, Jackie, thank you for sharing this photo shoot of your darlings. You did a great job in capturing their spirits via your images. They are each adorable and their personalities shine. But how is it that they are already this big?

    So question: Where did Scarlett get that animal print dress? (Please email me.) It is the cutest ever. I would love to get one for Isabelle (whom I, coincidentally) posted about today.

    1. You are too kind Audrey, but you really do "get" the whole Grandma thing! I sent a text to Scarlett's mom to see where she got the outfit, I will let you know when I find out!

  4. Great pics, as always, Jackie! You have beautiful subjects too:)

    1. Thanks Jen, they are pretty wonderful!