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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A big fish story....finally

Rick took me out trolling this time while at the lake. 
It was nice and relaxing but the fish weren't biting, I didn't even catch a weed.

 I usually like to just sit at the end our our dock and cast....
early mornings are my favorite ...
this was a foggy morning.
 I day dream, and just think...
I listen to the sounds,  
loons calling, 
ducks quacking, 
watch the boats troll by, and hear voices from across the lake
 (voices really travel on the lake)

Rick is not "big" on fishing, but on this particular time out... He fished

**** Now for the BIG FISH story **** 

I was fishing on the dock like I do..... 
It was about 4:30, I've always heard the fish are biting around dinner time,
 so I usually throw in my line about that time. 
I've had some luck, but all small Rock Bass or Perch, 
on one occasion a small Northern. 

On this particular day.... 
this fish must have been real hungry
This guy almost got away...but I wasn't gonna let that happen....
I knew I had a big one by the bend on my pole, I didn't have a fishing net handy so I started to reel this guy in while walking towards the shore in hopes of keeping him on the line and 
getting a picture to document the catch!

As I got him on the sand beach he flipped and jumped off my hook, he slithered toward the water and started to wiggle away, I made a decision that he would not get away.... 
This had to be documented, so that.... 
 I wouldn't be accused of telling a BIG FISH story!
I dropped my pole, got into the water and grabbed this guy with both hands
 pinning him to the bottom of the lake. (only about 6 inches deep)
Once I had a good hold of him, I gripped him harder then flung him up on the grass.
My adrenaline was ramped-up as I yelled for Rick to "come quick", 
he was just heading out on a bike ride so I was glad to have got him before he left.
I got my camera, and the rest is history

24 inches long,  estimated about 3#

No I didn't keep him.... I thanked him for the photo, and let him go!


  1. If you had caught a walleye I would have been disappointed that you threw him back, but a Pike ... good call!jl I can't believe you grabbed him out of the water! Way to go!

    1. I'm a catch and release kind of girl, I dont eat fish, cant even stand the smell. It's just a fun sport for me, the fish and I both win :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is insane! I wish I could have witnessed this! I can't believe you grabbed a fish out of water! What a crazy fish story! Hilarious! He's huge!

    1. Like I said..... I wasn't about to have a fish story without the fish. I wish you were there too!!!

  3. Now this is a fish story. Kudos to you for pursuing that northern. That's more than I would have done. Congratulations on this amazing catch. But, really, you don't eat fish?

    1. No seafood of any kind for this girl...I just catch them and let um go! I was pretty excited Audrey, I wasn't about to let this guy go, I needed evidence for my Big Fish story :)