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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My mom...my sis...and I

Mom's birthday was yesterday ...
 My sister Jodi and I both had today off so we decided to meet 
at a half-way spot to have lunch and celebrate our mom's birthday.
I didn't have my selfie stick so this is the best picture I could come up with.

Northfield MN was a perfect half-way spot and a lovely little town to explore.
We hit-up an antique store, a couple of gadgety stores, had lunch at a place called Rueb 'N' Stein's, then found a bakery for a little sweet something. 
It was fun to celebrate mom and have her all to ourselves!

Anytime I'm on a road trip in the country there almost always is a 
little country church and a cemetery that calls to me.
 This one snuck up on me as I drove right past it. 
That's ok, I don't mind pulling over, making a u-turn and returning to checking it out.
My heart starts to race as I walk up to the door, hoping I can explore the inside of the church
 The exterior door was open, but sadly the interior door was locked.
I loved everything about this door, the knob, the hanging chain, the weathered wood, with a somewhat new coat of paint on it.

 Around the back was a water pump, of course I had to try it out!
It was fully functional.

Overlooking the graveyard was an eagle carved out of an old fallen tree.
Such a detailed work of art. 
The eagle sits upon a wooden cross, an extension of the tree stump.
Check out the eagles face...so sad
Do you think the artist meant for the eagle to look sad?
I just find it interesting, your thoughts... 


  1. You were so close to me. So close. Within miles. Randy drives Highway 3 every day to work, passes right by that cemetery, which I've posted about:


    Notice the similarity in our first photos.

    Then check out my second post from North Grove and notice the similarities in several pix:


    We are photographer sisters.

    Northfield is such a fun town to explore with the river, the historic buildings, etc. Happy belated birthday to your sweet mom!

    1. Ha ha, I went back and looked at your posts...and my comments. Yep, we are sisters of photography. I love how you and I both were so disappointed that we couldn't get into the church. I did go over to look at the corner lot where Brittany was laid to rest. Such a beautiful young lady, gone too soon.

  2. It's not often that I find the doors unlocked at these country churches. Sigh. I understand, though.