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Friday, December 30, 2016

31 of us plus 2 dogs....

Every other year on December 25th, ALL 31 of us plus two dogs come and fill-up mom and dad's single level rambler style house. The house us 4 kids grew up in. It's a big house with a good size living room, family room and 4 bedrooms, but might I add...only one bathroom, that's right 31 people, with one bathroom. Sounds crazy but it works!!! 
Ok, ok so I exaggerated a little bit, there are still 4 in diapers so 27 people and 1 bathroom. HA!
We are blessed to have our family fairly close... the furthest coming from the Twin Cities area.

I love seeing our kids and their cousins goofing off and reminiscing.
I especially love seeing the generations mix, here my niece Alex, 
is helping her 2nd cousin Carson retrieve his stocking.

Spending time with my siblings and their families is the best
My little brother Randy and his son Grant.

4 of the "Littles"
* * * * * * 
We always try to get some sort of group picture. 
 The grandchildren & great-grands is about all we can manage indoors...
 attempting to gather the original 9 plus their 8 little ones
notice the goofing off in the back row, and the rolling around of a little one in the front.
We did it!
Ages 2 months to 35
My attempt with the spouses did not turn out...everyone blurry :( 

 My sweet husband in the middle....they all wandered in and sat around him.

 Enamored by his tiny grandson.

TV room, I'm sure there's some sort of game on!

 My niece Megan (left) and nephews wife, Kate. 
My mom center, and my Big brother Rick holding his grandson Eli far Left.

My dad, my son Brice and granddaughter Scarlett 

The "gamers", playing their annual Christmas game of Catan

The day after Christmas and all through the house 
only grandma and Scarlett were awake, being quiet as a mouse.

* * * * * 
We have one more Christmas celebration tonight with Rick's side of the family 
and again... all of us will be there, 25 in all!
I love this time of year when all of our families are able to gather together, we are lucky and blessed!


  1. Thanks for the great pics Jackie! Was fun to see everyone together. It so rarely happens anymore we can all make it! Joyous when it does occur. Love was in the air!!

    1. Sadly I didn't get everyone captured, but you all know I love your anyhow :) It was good to see everyone!

  2. Oh, I love seeing this, families together. I know you treasure every moment. It shows in your photos and in your words. What a beautiful and loving family.

    1. It was wonderful, thanks for your kind words Audrey.