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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lefse making with a few "Uff-da's"

We used a lot of "Uff da's" on this day.... 
 it goes along with making lease in the large group of Norwegians...and some others  :)
Last Saturday was lefse making day for me and my friends

thin unleavened bread of Norwegian origin,
traditionally made of a potato-based dough and baked on a griddle
Bubbles will begin to appear as the lefse bakes and is ready to be turned.

Thank goodness for my friend Mary and her husband Paul who's hobby farm 
is located in the country near Blooming Prairie, MN 
Paul graciously offers up his "Man cave" for this annual event. 
You can see the flour on the floor, it's a mess to say the least,
 but it's nice to be in this big open space where we can let the flour fly

* * *
If you've never made lefse, you must know it's not for clean freaks,
in fact it can be quite chaotic! flour everywhere, 
it's like a troop of fairies blew through the area, causing a giant dust storm. 
(ok maybe I'm exaggerating just a little) 
Trying to keep the sticky, gummy dough from adhering to the stretchy cloth that covers 
the rolling pin can be a challenge as well.... There can never be too much flour.
*Avoid the stickiness at all costs!!!

Just a little about the process.
1st boil the potatoes, then while they are still warm...
rice them.
We had 50 pounds of potatoes among us.

When the potatoes are cooled a bit, make little balls to roll out.
There is a recipe, Potato, cream, or oil, salt, sugar.
everyone has there own... it's whatever recipe "grandma" used!

The rolling out of Lefse is an art!
It's not like rolling out the dough of sugar cookies, it's much more of a delicate roll,
 there's a certain thin(ness) that must be achieved...thinner than a soft shell tortilla
You use a long flat stick to slide under the rolled out dough,
 then carefully transfer it to the 500 degree griddle.

You MUST watch it now to be sure you don't BURN it....
Opps... I mean Uff Da, Mary wasn't paying attention to her griddle on this one.
Good thing she's really good at doing Spinal taps...

Did I mention 5 of these sweet ladies are not only my friends but we all get to 
work together as nurses, performing a delicate procedure called a spinal tap. 
Making lefse is a lot like preforming a spinal tap, you have to have a steady hand, ha.

My friend Sarah and I, we vow to always be a team
true Norwegians to the core.
 Anne (right) is having her first experience making lefse,
 she is also the newest member to our work force. 
She learns quick, both at making lefse and doing spinal taps.
Paul is Mary's brother, he is a Lefse making maniac along with Tricia and Renee. 

We always make sure there is butter on hand for the "uff-da's", the lefse that ripped, 
or was maybe left on the griddle a little too long, 
the mistakes are still yummy with butter and sugar wrapped up in this warm delicacy.

This is such a fun tradition we have started...being friends outside of work is rewarding.
We didn't count up how many lefse were made this year but there will be plenty for us to share with friends and family during this Christmas season.

Have you ever made lefse?  What is it that you love to make during the holidays?



  1. I have made lefse and love it!!! I use a multi-grooved rolling pin that works like a charm!!! Flour IS in the air everywhere!!!! Must be mandatory. Love the car in the background!!!!!! Yumminess!!!!!!

    1. I use the grooved rolling pin as well but still cover it, never tried it without the cover. That was only one of 4 cars parked side by side in this Shed. The place is huge, and even comes equip with a bathroom and big screen TV :)

  2. What a great tradition. I am 100 percent German, thus no interest in making lefse. I eat it occasionally, but will pass on it as often as take it.

    I have to bake cream cheese roll-out cookies every year from my mom's recipe. Just baked them Sunday afternoon.

    1. We had German lefse makers as well, such great fellowship despite the difference of nationality :) I LOVE roll out cookies but don't like making them! I really should try it with the grand kids some day. Would you be willing to share your mom's recipe????