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Monday, March 06, 2017

A full heart.....

Those of you who are grandparent, you know the feeling well.
There is nothing like it... those grand babies just rock my heart.

Relaxing next to my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Scarlett,
unprovoked she puts her hand in mine, sharing her "My little kitty" figures. 

We started our Saturday off by watching our oldest Audrey play in her last BB game of the season.
We have loved watching her being excited about this game, She loves that her daddy is the coach.
This is such a wonderful way to start them out, it's called Champion Basketball, It's a Christian-based league that promotes fun, and learning the game without all the pressure and stress of "winning". They do not keep score at this level, they cannot steal or block the ball and they can even travel a little bit... in other word the kids learn to love the sport first, they get to handle the ball without some one in their face...that will come all too soon as they get in the bigger leagues. I also love that they have half-time devotions, they teach about perseverance, patience and positivity.
~  ~  ~  ~
Our twin cities grands (and their parents) came for a visit, It was so good to get baby snuggles from our littlest Lewin who is just 4 months old.
 Snacking on his bacon teether... When I saw this I couldn't resist getting it for him.

 Can you tell we are a little enamored with him

Lewin's big cousins Carson and Audrey loved talking to Lewin and making him smile.

Oh Uncle Gavin....he loves those babies
Everyone gathered at our house Saturday afternoon

We had a girl-cousin sleep over, it's so fun to see these two little ones bond, 
they are just over 5 years apart.
 This was Saturday morning.... 6:50am, "move over grandma....
waking up to Mickey Mouse and Scarlett favorite frozen book
They were both so excited to sleep at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

A little Sunday outing to the Library then a look at the River. Of course there had to be rock throwing into the river...that's the best part.

My sweet baby Lewin... so hard to see them go home,  he is the sweetest and growing way too fast.
Slow down baby boy!

It always does my heart good to have my kids and grand babies around especially when they are all together in one spot. I love seeing our family grow and watching my kids with their own... 
just nothing like it.


  1. Oh, my, what a perfect weekend. They are all growing so fast.

    My Izzy turns one in exactly one month.

    1. How can it be that Izzy is almost one???? Is she walking yet?

  2. She's moving that direction...standing on her own.

    How can your "babies" already be as old as they are?

  3. I somehow missed this post! I loved it and seeing the sleepover pictures! Just so sweet! I hope Scarlet had fun at the library, I'll have to ask you about that tomorrow!

    1. yes, how could you have missed this my dear... after all you have nothing better to do than read my blog posts, ha ha.