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Monday, March 20, 2017

March visit...

It's been a long 5 months since we have gone up to the cabin, 
so a few days shy of spring we headed up to check things out.  
Last year same time it was 62 degrees and the lake had stared to melt near the shore. 
This year a little different story. 
The warmest we saw was the upper 30's and their was no water yet on the shoreline.

We discovered a few things on arrival,
#1 Lots of big branches had come down in the yard
Not sure if it was from heavy snow or wind?
The pile
       #2 Our Heat pump (to warm the cabin) was functioning, 
but the air it was blowing out never got warm. 
We need to get a heating & cooling guy over to checkout out... next time  :)
            #3 BEST OF ALL.... no evidence of mice (my biggest fear)

 We spent a few hours in town, talking with the shop owners, browsing and getting some walking in.

 We decided to stay in a hotel rather than a 40 degree cabin. We had dinner at Zorbas. 
Then on Sunday we attended church at Eastside. 
It was a nice little getaway....short & sweet!
We are looking forward to opening up the cabin late April or early May!

I love the huge Pine trees in our yard at the cabin, they are soooooo big!


  1. Pretty pictures! Good choice on the hotel -- brrrr!

    1. We were a little disappointed, but 40 degrees..... that wasn't gonna happen.

  2. Glad for no mice, eek! Glad you have a fun little stop!

  3. So another thing we share: an extreme dislike of mice. I'm glad they were absent from your cabin.

    Your northwoods retreat looks so inviting in that lakeside setting. I don't blame you for staying in a hotel. Forty degrees is too cold for comfortable sleeping.

    1. Yes 40 is a little chilly for sleeping, not to mention trying to function in the morning when it was even colder.