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Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking in the winter wonderland...

 On this beautiful, fresh snow-fallen winter day, 
Rick and I decided to get our work-out by hiking at Quarry hill

 Quarry Hill Nature Center is located in 320-acre Quarry Hill Park, its often referred to 
as the "Jewel" of the Rochester Park system.

 We got a fresh 5 inches of snow overnight so we wavered whether or not to 
rent snowshoes or just walk...we decided to go without the snow shoes.

This guy keeps things interesting on our hikes.

I know many are "getting tired" of the snow,
 Not me,  I'm choosing to savoring the remaining 7 days of winter, and take advantage of it's beauty. 
I'm a firm believer that as long as it's WINTER, there may as well be snow....right!


  1. Trudging through snow would be a work out. I got mine shoveling snow at our place and a neighbor's. I didn't finish, though. Randy will need to clear the rest with the snowblower.

    1. It was a work out for me, not so much for Rick. We walked for and hour and twenty minutes. Oh, and I shoveled the driveway too...double workout :)

  2. Counting down to Spring and Summer here :) But you knew that! ;)

  3. Glad you had a fun little adventure!