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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Part One (Spring road trip)

For several months Rick and I have been planning  a trip to the southeastern part of the United States.
(Today at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains)

We decided to drive so we could really experience the trip. 
We left on Wednesday morning at 5:20am traveling 12  hours to Clarksville Tennessee.
Our travels so far have been on the tail-end of some pretty significant weather,
luckily all we have encountered is rain....
sometimes torrential rains
many of the fields looked like this, hopefully they hadn't been planted yet.

 Rick snapped this photo of the Arch in St. Louis from the passenger seat.

Trucks, trucks and more trucks
 So far all we have been doing is driving and eating. 
The rain has been relentless, so we haven't even been able to take a walk. 
We are looking forward to some walking and exploring the rest of the week 
as the forecast looks promising. 


 Some blooming going on

Hwy 441 at the base of the Smoky Mountains was closed due to ice and snow! 
Rick and I had planned to travel this road and hike up to 
Clingmans Dome, a lookout that is the highest point in Tennessee. 
The higher elevations had a forecast of 90% snow today.  
We were bummed!!!

So... we drove around the foot hills of the mountains to our hotel in Maggie Valley NC
 It rained the WHOLE time.
The rest of our trip looks like sun and warmer temperatures,
really looking forward to Charleston tomorrow.


  1. Dumb about the rain, but I'm glad the forecast looks good! Can't wait for part 2! Xoxo

    1. Sunny from here on out...so they say :)

  2. Hope your trip improves to better weather.

    1. That's what they're saying

  3. I am so sorry about the rainy weather, but hopeful that will turn around for you. I understand the drive-and-eat travel philosophy. That was ours last May when we traveled to Boston for Caleb's graduation.