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Saturday, April 01, 2017

When God made you, he must have been thinking about me...

Happy Anniversary to "My Guy"

I love the song, "When God made you"
It's as if the song writer was writing about us.....
Please take time to listen to the music video below, 
it's a lovely song about my husband... I'm sure of it!

"Oh I wonder what God was thinking,
When he created you.
I wonder if He knew everything I would need,
because He made all my dreams come true...
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me"!

Thank you for telling me about Jesus, being patient with me and not giving up on me. 
I'm Grateful ~ Thankful ~ Blessed

My high school graduation party, me and my boyfriend Rick.
We had already been dating 2 years.

3 years later.... We said, "I do"
I just knew I loved him, but I didn't know how much yet...

Our love has grown. 
He is the better half, 
my best friend, 
my partner for life,
 and I love him more now then ever before.
I'm blessed with an amazing man who makes me laugh, encourages me,
and has a way of making me feel loved and beautiful always!

Happy 35 years of marriage sweet one,
I'm looking forward to growing old with you!
I love you! 


  1. How sweet!!! Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks MJ, Love you too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy 35th anniversary, Jackie and Rick! May you be blessed with many more wonderful years together.