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Monday, May 22, 2017

Beach walks on Tybee Island (the final post)

Every morning and mostly every afternoon Rick and I went for some Long Beach walks.
We enjoyed looking for pretty shells and watching the waves come in.
I had some fun with this little guy.
We were also on a shipping lane, so it was fun to see the different ships come in with cargo. 
 My husband snapped this when I wasn't looking.

I had to take this photo of Rick talking with a guy on the beach who was fishing, 
Rick stops to talk, I smile and walk ahead... Introvert v.s extrovert 


 Big ole' bird

Loved this lighthouse

Back from our walk and soaking up the sun.
I love this man and feel more than blessed that he's mine.

Our 35 years (plus 5 more for dating) hasn't seemed that long.
He makes it easy and fun to stick around and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Here's to many many more years together, loving on our grandbabies, taking trips, cabin time, 
family time and best of all....us time!

This post concludes our 35th Anniversary get away.


  1. Love the pics and your 35 years! The turtle pic is so cool!

  2. Oh, Jackie, the photos convey your love for Rick as do your loving words. Happy anniversary and may you be blessed with many more years together.

    1. It was such a fun trip, It was good to get away and explore. :)