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Saturday, May 27, 2017

He did it !!!

Our #2 grandchild graduated pre-school on Wednesday, and we wouldn't miss it for the world.
My heart could hardly take the sweetness, 
 all those little 4 and 5 year old so proud to be standing up front at their graduation. 
A song was sung and then the diplomas handed out, followed by a very formal handshake.
 Carons best friends in preschool, but not limited to school...
they are also good friend outside of school
 along with there parents!

After the short ceremony and some treats, we headed out to the playground

So fun to watch Carson and his little friends.

These three goofs are the older siblings who also graduated preschool together 3 years ago, 
their friendship has remained strong, and they have becoming lovely young ladies!
(My granddaughter Audrey in the middle)
I love these kids and there parents....such sweet friendships

* * * * * * *
2 days later....
We hadn't had spent quality time with Carson for awhile, so yesterday 
we grabbed him in the morning for a day with grandpa & me
 This little guys love to plant flowers, 
I still needed to plant some pots so off to Home Depot we went.
He spent some time picking out just the right plants

 His choices were perfect!

 Little gardener

Carson is helping Grandpa wash golf balls, 
this kid loves to be a helper, he loves to wash things so this was a perfect activity... 
for a perfect kind of day!