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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Hip waders don't always mean "fishing"...

Hip waders don't always mean "fishing"...
At the cabin, our hip waders mean "opening/closing" the cabin. 
The water is very chilling during both of those times, 
so whoever is working in the water, puts on these insulated wonders 
to help keep them dry and warm.
We "opened up the cabin this weekend, and we were luck to have our 
oldest son, Brice to help his dad with a full weekend of thing that have to 
happen when open up a cabin.
These two... love seeing them working side by side.

 There is a whole check off list of things that have to happen, 
"Turning on the water", 
it doesn't simple involve turning on the spigot. 
Putting in the dock, the boat lift and... 
the boat! 

But it's not all work...
Brice is such a good daddy, 
here he's taking time out of the "work" to bring Scarlett out into the lake
Too cold yet for swimming, so this is the next best thing.

Rick and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having family up to the cabin, 
so many sweet memories to be made.
 The look on her face as I chase her around the deck
Running some steam off before bed. 
We make time to play with the babies, even on this busy work weekend! 

and there is always time for coffee....the work can wait. 


 6 month Lewin's first trip to the cabin, he loved it!

Our d.i.l. Jenny and granddaughter Scarlett, 
just sitting in the swing, enjoying some time at the lake.  

Sweet snuggles

This one had such a good time at the lake's edge

 A tradition in our family....saying goodbye to the lake before heading  home.

We had a very productive weekend at the lake, 
there will be more to come on what went on at the lake


  1. All set for a summer of fun!
    Scarlett's curly hair ... :) !!!!

    1. I know, right! Isnt this such a wonderful time in out lives! Love seeing your grand babies, when you post while at Cara's, they are adorable! Looks like you had a great time as always :)

  2. Now the family fun can begin. I bet you're ecstatic! Love the pics! Scarlett and Lewin are getting so big!!

    1. Thanks Cindy, looking forward to another summer at the cabin :)

  3. You are going to (have made) so many wonderful memories at the lake. I love these photos, from Brice and Rick working to the coffee cup to sweet Scarlett in her horsie jams to every other image. Beautiful family, Jackie. I can see the love.

    1. Thanks Audrey, It's just the sweetest time to have our family with us! July they will all be there at the same time, Yipee