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Monday, June 05, 2017

Loons really do have red eyes!

 Rick and I went out in the boat today and this guy was good enough to 
hang out so I could photograph him.
Strutting his stuff

 I took the wheel for awhile so the Mr. could nap on the boat

 Last evening we were sitting on our dock and along came a neighbor on their pontoon...

They pulled up and tied onto our dock and we talked for about an hour.
 This is such a fun way to meet the neighbors on the lake!
Rick has so much in common with many of the neighbors,
 a lot of them, like Rick came to this very lake as kids 
and they have family cabins that go way back.
It's fun to here Rick chat with them, they know many of the same people and  
a lot about the resort (Hawkeye Haven) that we now call home... our upnorth home.

 We went into town this morning, to pick up a few things,
browse the shops and visit the candy store.
Then we had lunch at one of our favorites, "Minnesoda fountain" 
that's not a mistake, it really is soda, not sota.

We are loving our short weekend at the cabin, and it's always worth it. 
We will head home tomorrow, stopping by to see the twin cities grand babies.... cant wait!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I bet Dad had a great time talking to those people! See you soon!

    1. Oh, so much to talk about...he's hee! Actually I really enjoyed talking to them as well the hidden extrovert came out of me, ha ha

  2. Fantastic loon pin, Jackie.

    You tell a wonderful story of life at the lake in both images and words. You both look so happy.

    What a wonderful weekend. Is that soda fountain in Park Rapids? I'm hoping to attend a book launch party there in September as I have five pieces publishing in an anthology (The Talking Stick).

    1. Yes Audrey, "Minnesoda fountain" is in downtown Park rapids. They have the old fashion ice cream counter with many flavors of ice cream, and you cant leave without a malt....yum! I really hope that you are finally able to come to Park Rapids for the book launch. I know there have been several years that you have been invited for readings and haven't been able to attend.

  3. I believe this is the year it will happen.