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Thursday, June 15, 2017

This guy is 5...

Happy 5th Birthday to our Strong, brave, handsome superhero.....

Last year Uncle Brice threw Carson way up in the air 
while wearing his "Super Carson" cape and mask.

Always a sweet, sensitive boy who can quickly turn crazy and full of mischief with his grandpa. 
These two are buddies through and through. 

He even lets Grandma get all mushy with him! 
Carson is such a happy, fun-loving and caring child, who is also helpful and likes to be involved.
This spring he helped me plant flowers.... he is a well rounded,
rough and tumble, yet sensitive and huggable!

Love the little boy so much!

He is all boy, big sticks, super hero cape and all!

 Carson Adam, you are loved and prayed for everyday!
You have reminded Grandpa and I just how precious life is.
We are better people because of you sweet boy!
We thank God for you Carson and look forward to watching you grow.
Enjoy being 5.... we know how excited you were to get there.


  1. Happy fifth birthday, sweet Carson. I know this has been a difficult year for him, and all of you. But through all of the health issues, Carson has exhibited incredible strength as have the rest of you. God bless this darling boy of yours, Jackie.

  2. Thanks you for your kind words Audrey! I'm thankful he is doing well he's an amazing little boy!