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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We kept busy this weekend

It was a fun weekend filled with family and lots of fun.
Saturday was Carson's 5th birthday party,
it was a beautiful day so of course the guys played a little basketball out in the driveway. 
Carson is playing with his two uncles and dad... He held his own.
It's like Christmas in June. 
Carson's so easy to buy for, some of his favorite things are, 
legos, games, cars, tracks and magnet building sets. 

He even got a "cars" cake.

Little Lew was getting sleepy so Grandpa Rick swang him to sleep.
Lew likes to sleep with his hand sunder his head....love this!

 My daughter-in-love Jenny visiting with Rick's mom. 
All 4 of the great grandparents made it to the party. 

Girl cousins Scarlett and Audrey
*  *  *  *  *  *
On Sunday the troops all came to our house for dinner and fun.
It's not often we get everyone here on Father's Day so it was extra special for Rick.

We had a deck full!

The kids like playing with chalk in the driveway

Little Scarlett decided to walk in the chalk drawings
She's checking out her foot full of blueish gray chalk dust
 "Look Grandma, I'm Elsa"
Elsa is the snow princess on the Disney movie "Frozen"

 Uncle Brice entertaining the littles on the swing set
This is the original swing set we bought for our kids 30 years ago from Sears,

 My heart!

Just chilling' in the driveway watching the littles
My son-in-love, Chris and daughter Brianna holding little Lewin.

 A Father and his kids.... love these four!
 Rolling down the hill.... Wish you could hear the giggles, there were lot's of them  :)


  1. What a blessed weekend! <3

    1. It's nice when we get them all together! Fills my heart right up! 😍

  2. Every single image, every single word expresses the deep love you hold for your family. There's nothing better than time with family. I love this post, Jackie.

    1. Thanks Audrey, I know you "get" that deep live of family! My heart is full!