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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my dad turned 81
I'm thankful to still have my dad to celebrate.

It was a spur of the moment, impromptu gathering. 
A few days ago I sent my siblings a message telling them that Rick and I would be 
taking dad out for lunch on his birthday, and that if they
 could join us on such short notice that would be great.

They all came, 
along with 3 spouses and dad's 3 youngest grandchildren.

 Present opening

 Rick and my mom having a little chat

 Cupcakes instead of cake...yummy

 Enjoying our time together

Happy Birthday Dad!!!


  1. Happy 81st birthday to your dad! How wonderful that everyone could come at the last mintue. Sometimes those impromptu plans work best.

    1. It did surprise me, but everyone just made it happen. Dad seemed so happy, it was nice to be together to celebrate him!

  2. As our parents age, these celebrations (in my opinion) become even more meaningful.