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Sunday, October 30, 2011

sneak peak

Let the renovation begin.....

I'm happy to say we have officially begun the task. 
Friday I spent a better part of the day organizing, sorting photo's,
 and going through all my "stamping" stuff. 
By evening the floor was cleared 
It was beginning to show some promise  :)

and then...
The wallpaper border from HE - -
It just didn't want to come off
after lots of soaking and scraping and sweat it was a done deal.
Never again will I apply wallpaper to any wall in my house


  1. I swore off wallpaper and borders years ago....like 28 years ago :) I do know that if it is applied correctly, it comes off easier.
    But I'm a paint girl :)

  2. Good start! Sorry the wallpaper is so stubborn. I vowed the same thing 2 years ago when I removed mine.

    I hope you find a good place for your stamps so you can play again!

  3. I supposidly did apply it correctly, I just think wallpaper isn't meant to come off once it's on :) That's my take on it. Never again will I have to removed the dreaded stuff.

  4. Your on a roll. keep it up.

  5. Great job on getting it off. We have used a steamer, and it works like a charm in getting paper off. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the room!