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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here it is...finished project

A couple months ago I did a blog called encourage me please
My daughter's old room was in desperate need of a makeover!!!
Here's the blog site below to help you remember before you read on.....
click on link below

It's no wonder our granddaughter was terrified when we tried
 to put her down for a nap in this mess.
You think they are too little to notice...but they're not


The big chair actually belongs in the living room, but now that it's in there we think it might stay, after all grandpa & grandma need a spot to rock the grandbabies and read them stories.
We got rid of all that crazy clutter, took the big shelf off the wall, 
painted a soothing khaki green color and made it simple. 

We finally finished and we love the results but more importantly
 our granddaughter LOVES the new room. 
(being warm and all cozied-up)
We surprised her with a  new little toddler sleigh bed, and toddler size rocking chair.
 Audrey loves the space without all the scary clutter. 
She had her first sleepover the other night
 (remember before the makeover, she was terrified to be left in the room alone...poor baby)
She couldn't wait to get into her new bed with all her "softies". 
She went to bed without a hitch and slept through the night... 
Mission accomplished, let the sleepovers begin  :)

I want to keep the walls uncluttered, thought this was perfect.
Hoping to someday have many more grandbaby photo's surrounding the saying,
"Grandchildren complete life's circle of love"

In June there will be one more photo to add to the wall,
 Audrey is gonna be a big sister.
We are thrilled  :)


  1. What? I'm pregnant?!!! heehee. Love love love the room, thanks for making it so special for Audrey, she adores her new special room :)

  2. Love the new room! So sweet to have a grandbaby room at your house:)

  3. such a cute bed and bedding!

  4. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Love it Jackie! How did you find the perfect saying for that wall?

    Deb G

  5. Deb I ordered it on-line :)

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I do remember the room. It looked like a storage room.

    It turned out awesome. No good new stories on HGTV so turned to Jackie's Blog for entertainment.


  7. What a nice job you did on the room. I love the sign!! Congrats on adding another "blessing" to your family. Have a Merry Christmas. Mickie;)

  8. The room looks so big now! Congrats on being a Grandma times two:)