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Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 years and counting....

For most of my married life, it's an event that our family has looked forward too every summer.
 The annual Church of Christ Softball tournament in Fairbault, MN
Our kids were toddlers then, now the boys are playing along side their dad
 and my daughter has her own little ones to tend to  :)
It's a team that has evolved and changed over the years, this year 3 of the early year originals were there.  My husband (orange shirt), Russ (gray-green shirt) and Steve (green Jesus shirt). 
This was Steve's 35th year of playing.  
 Over half of the team this year was related in one way or another.
"I got it, no I got it"......
Ben & Joe, (brothers) my husbands second cousins once removed
(are you confused yet)
Below Steve, (my husbands 2nd cousin) is snuggling my grandson
 all the while missing his granddaughter's who are in TN
 2nd cousins....twice removed

My two boys (right & Left), my son-in-love in the middle

Uncle Gavin taking a break between innings to play with Audrey
 Uncle Brice got a smile out of Carson, aint nothing sweeter!
My guy.... He's still got it!!! 
Cheering on our team...year after  year 
My daughter being the good mommy that she is
 I love that my adult children still play together
 Good times...you shoulda heard the giggles  :)
Audrey has the full attention of Christa and Moose.
Who could resist that sweet little voice when it says,"will you play with me"?
See, I dont always have a camera in my hands   :)


  1. What a great, fun day!

  2. Do I see little hint of Grandpa Rick's red hair in Carson...I don't know, maybe something with the lighting outside! Jodi

    1. Well, it's not an obvious red but who knows, it may have a hint of color in the lighting.

  3. Jackie, if I'd known you were in Faribault, I would have stopped by to introduce myself. Let me know next time, OK? Love the pic with Steve hugging your grandson. And it's nice to see you in a pic also.

    1. Audrey, I thought I would try and find you at the international festival and surprise you. That didn't pan out. I wasn't sure what times our games would be and how the timing would work out...then there was the rain... and I just didn't get over there. Ugh.... It would have been good to meet you, MY BAD!

  4. Love your blogs as always :) Such a fun tradition, I love seeing the same-ish group there every year : )

    1. It was a fun day....minus the rain.

  5. Oh, Jackie, I totally understand. It's difficult to fit it all in. And, yes, that rain sort of put a damper on things didn't it? But we need it, so can't complain. I didn't arrive at the fest until @ 1:00 p.m.

    Sounds like you enjoy your annual visit to Faribault. So great to have that time with family and friends.

  6. What a fun, fmaily tradition!

  7. That looks like it was a fun day for everyone! I love the pics of Brianna, Brice, and Gavin playing on the swings. I still like to do that too. (Nice Shirt Brice...i have it too!) Fun fun!