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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gods' Country (part two)

As promised in my last post, here are a few photo's and personal notes
 on the churches my dad and I visited on our road trip to "Gods' county" last week.

Lenora Methodist Church
Oldest church in Fillmore County
 To find out more about this very cool pioneer church check out this website
It's on my bucket list to attend a Christmas service in this Lenora church...
maybe it'll be this year.

 Wood floors, wood slat walls and good old wooden pews, I love that! 
 The church is always open....I love that too.
Heat source...wood burning stove 
 Candle suffer, hanging right by the door as you leave
Yes He is  :) 

 The outhouse behind the church....Gotta love it
On to my Dad's home church in the Country near Mabel, MN
 Scheie Lutheran Church
Love the large Stained glass window
Dad's looking for his Confirmation photo
Dad and his identical twin brother Gerald.
I think that's my dad on the Left  :)
and last but not least... 
South Fork Church
Dad never went to this church but I love the look of it with the tall steeple and welcoming front door. 
Dad brought us here for a picnic one year when I was a wee one, I still remember the place.   

The cemetery is old and it shows, old weathered wood cross's mark the stones 
that can no longer be read. 
There are 3 cemeteries associated with this church A, B & C.

The other significance of this church is that right across the street
is a barren area amongst the trees (see right in the center of the photo)
This is the spot where sat the South Fork School my Dad attended in his early years.
and yes.... He walked 2.5 miles to school  :)

Love seeing the sights and hearing the stories my Dad has to tell of his youth, 
It's such a beautiful area with so much history! 
As I drove south toward Gods' Country, dad started a list of the places he wanted to show me,
some we saw this day, others's I've seen in past visits.
I love that it's in his own handwriting and it tells the history of his youth.

I'm looking forward to another trip in the fall with Dad to Gods' Country.


  1. I love that! Grandpa was always the twin on the left. In almost every photo..he's the one on the left. Something i picked up on. (the left as you look at it.) Pretty funny huh? What a cool trip for the two of you! Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Good point MJ, I never really picked up on that.

  2. Now I can see why my friend Lou suggested I visit Lenora Church. He knows how much I appreciate country churches. Thanks for the sneak peek, my friend. I think it's just fabulous that you did this drive with your dad. What fun for both of you. Can't wait to soon explore these places myself.

  3. Love that these places still exist. It would be cool to go to xmas svc there! Such neat places :)

  4. You are making a photo book of all your trips with your dad right?

  5. Oh I need to Cheri.... I'm still trying to put one together from our california trip. It takes me forever!

  6. So cool to share with your dad:) Just a thought...you may want to use the bathroom BEFORE you go to Christmas service at the first church...that outhouse could be mighty cold by Christmas time;)