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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Just so you know...

Before I get into my next post I thought I would mention that I have changed my "comments" section on my blog to a "moderator mode". You comment the same way as always, it may just be a few hours before you see your comment on my blog. All this means is that your comments first come to my email, then after I review them I will publish them to "my comments".  As soon as I see it.... I publish it
So it's still YOUR comment.... I just have to OK it. 
You might ask, "why"?

I didn't want to go to this but I have been getting a lot of "Junk comments", nothing bad but it's somebody that thinks they have to put a generic comment on my blog
 so they can advertise their business. 
I  LOVE LOVE comment from my friends family and genuine blogger friends.
I dont appreciate comments from someone trying to advertise their business on my behalf.
Sometimes I gets 3-4 different business's commenting on my blog. Grrrrrr! 

SO.... to my friends and readers, keep on commenting I Love hearing from you!
You may have also noticed that I have added a "Reply" button. I often reply back to you :)

So there's my saga
  Happy commenting....go crazy with it  :)

I have a new post below....


  1. Unfortunately this happens in the blogging world, those sneaky people who aren't so sneaky.

  2. I use Wordpress, and all the spam comments go directly into a spam folder! So nice!

    Don't worry, Jackie-- we'll keep commenting! LOVE your blog!!