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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day (labor of love)

My oldest son and his lovely wife have bought their first home!

We were thrilled to be able to help them yesterday with some of the packing, moving and 
just plain old things to do around the new house. 
My Daughter-in-love Jennifer, had basically cleaned the entire house on Sat & Sun, 
so there wasn't much of that to do!
Their new home was very well maintain but it's always nice to 
run your own rag around things and get those tough spots....
just to be sure clean is really clean!

I love to pack and organize, (other peoples homes) so Jenny put me to work in the kitchen, half of it had already been packed, but there was still plenty to do. 
We did that while the guys ran stuff to the new house.

Jenny with my youngest son making sure son #1 and my hubby 
were doing a good job of packing the car. 
 Who needs a moving van when you can use dad's mini-van :)
 Jenny and I took on the task of putting new contact paper on the kitchen shelves!
* this is my son's new work shop situated in the back of their garage

 Son #2 hanging the shower curtain. 
Brice and his dad moving the big stuff

"The Brown Chair"
This chair has a story.... It belonged to my mom & dad.
 It was purchased new when us kids were still all at home.
 It's a Lazy-boy, kind of fancy for the mid 70's.
Anyway... us kids used to "call" this chair everyday, as in "I GET THE BROWN CHAIR",
which meant whoever thought to call it first got to have first dibs in it that day.
Us kids still laugh about that today.
This chair has gone through a few of us kids (their are 4 of us)
My oldest son Brice has had it for the last 3 years and he's not ready to give it up yet.
  Back then chairs were built to last and last and last!

We are so thrilled for our kids and their new home, it'll be exciting to watch them make it their own! They both have great taste in decorating, and knowing what they want.
Thanks Brice & Jen for letting us be part of your moving day!!!
*With all due respect to my son & daughter-in-love, I have not included pictures of their new home,
 as I believe that's something for them to share as they please!


  1. I loved buying our first home. It was very exciting and we cleaned it top to bottom before we moved any of our stuff in too:)

  2. eep! So exciting! Can't wait to see it! How fun to have room to put everything and then some! Love the pics and hearing about the day :) The brown chair....wow.

  3. So...a mattress and boxspring can fit on the top of a mini van? We just purchased both and have been wondering how to get them home since we don't own a truck and don't want to pay the $100 delivery fee.

    Also, on that chair...whenever we wanted to save a spot on the couch or wherever, my siblings and I would shout, "Saved for a million dollars!" Even so, there was no guarantee the spot would be ours upon our return from the kitchen or bathroom or wherever.

    Finally, how exciting to see your son and his wife moving into their first house. Wonderful times.

    1. My husband is very crafty Audrey. i know he used A LOT of rope, but that mattress wasn't going anywhere.

  4. Hooray for Brice and Jenny! Experiencing the American Dream ... owning a home.