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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Chalk the walk

318 Commons is a fairly new apartment building that houses medical residents for Mayo Clinic 
and  students for UMR (university of MN Rochester)
The university and Mayo clinic are only a few block from the apartments, 
which makes for a short walk! 

On saturday, the neighbors (downtown Rochester) came out for a fun little event
 to help welcome the incoming freshman to UMR

The chalk was provided
The artwork was to focused on the theme of "welcome"

Kids, student and adults came out to show their artistic flair

I stopped to visit with this young man, he is a Junior are UMR and quite the chalk artist if i go say so myself. He is from Texas and has no family in Rochester.  He was really getting into the blending of colors, when I asked him if he was about finished, he said, "not even close" 
I didnt stay till he was done.

 Husband and wife team working on a little farm scene
 A soccer ball?
 "Nolan is awesome" I had to chuckle :)

Bright & colorful 
Funny  :)  
Pretty flower  
It's amazing the things that go on in your city.... 
I happen to see a little blurp in the newspaper about this and thought I would check it out.
I kind of wish I would have gone a little later, I would have liked to see Mr. Texas's finished work and I think there would have been many more to look at. 
All the same it was a fun filler for a quiet Saturday afternoon. 


  1. What a great idea! Some people are so artistic!

  2. Oh that's really cool, i didn't know they did that. you should have drawn something mom :)

    1. It was too hot for me to sit on a sidewalk and draw with chalk, I'm sure you and little Audrey would have loved it and had fun....next year :)

  3. Thanks for taking us to this art exhibit, Jackie. It's "little things" like this which are a true delight to find. When my kids were elementary age, they went through buckets of chalk every summer decorating our sidewalk and driveway. I agree that those chalking in Rochester are a talented crew. And what an innovative way to welcome students to your community. Great idea.

    1. Our driveway is usually decorated with rainbows and people faces....compliments of our granddaughter. Next year I hope to take her to the event, I think she'd love it!