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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An afternoon in Grand Marais

Another favorite destination when we head up to the North Shore...
We spent some time in Grand Marais on Sunday
If you've never been to Grand Marais, it's worth your while to visit
It's a Harbor town on the Big Lake that sits right on the edge of the 
Boundary Water canoe area and Superior National Forest.
A couple of things that sets Grand Marais apart is the
 unique small businesses ...
Who remembers Ben Franklin? 
There are still a few left in Minnesota

Cant forget about the fudge and souvenirs

This sweet little book store

Cant pass by the FREE  fudge samples  :)

Yummy home-made jams right in Grand Marais
We tried a raspberry jalapenos 
I'll just say it was different

...and a vibrant artistic community. 

Many of the art galleries were closed, it was Sunday after all

Loved this nativity scene made from nails

Lots of pottery

We always spend a lot of time in the
Trading Post

I loved these hand painted ornaments. Designed by an artist from Duluth.

So many things to look at...and want  :)

A beautiful display of Fall goods

Our very impromptu visit was at the end of the tourist season, 
and Sunday probably wasn't the best day to visit as many of the shops were closed 
but we still got our share of browsing and window peeking in.

Love this City!


  1. I love
    and raspberry jalapeno jam (I've made it)
    and Sven & Ole's pizza
    and coffee on the shore by the coffee shop
    and the trading post.
    I love Grand Marais too!

    Did you buy anything??? I want to see it!

    1. Cheri, all we bought was some double dipped chocolate covered peanuts. There were a few things in the trading post that I had my eye on, but didnt buy. I'm so stinkin' indecisive.

  2. Your post makes me want to head north. The Ben Franklin store was enough to reel me in.

  3. Sadly the Ben Franklin was closed on Sunday, we have been in there plenty of times....It's a big store :)