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Sunday, October 28, 2012

We needed our fix!

A very spontaneous thought on my part,
 a weak moment for my husband...
 prompted us to take a short but sweet trip to the North Shore this weekend.  
We needed our fix!

Here's the deal....  Rick and I decided to change it up this fall so,
 the last week of September we visited Door County instead of our usual
Minnesota north shore trip. 
Door county was nice, and I'm glad we did it, but..... it was NOT "the north shore"
DC is a different kind of get-away all together.... more "touristy" & busy!
I missed the beauty, peace and calm of the North Shore.

Lots of pictures to share.... hope you enjoy  :)

1st stop...
 Palisade Head ( 3 miles east of Silver Bay)
( MJ, I thought of you & Josh)

We arrived at our favorite place to stay on the shore
Chateau LeVeaux  (google image)
 located between Lutsen & Tofte

Suite 302
View from our bed...Lake Superior

This is what we wake up to every morning

~ ~ ~
We got settled in, then headed down the road about 2 miles to
Temperance River State Park
We LOVE....love this area, it's so beautiful
a fairly easy, but long hike

Eye candy

God's gift to us  :)

a little climbing was involved

Blue Diamond = still on the trail, Whew!

Cheri, Rick and I remembered our trip here with your family when the kids were little
I miss those day.... Good memories!

I love the round colorful rocks

Just pretty!

My man... champion rock skipper

Stay tuned for more on the North Shore!


  1. Love the North Shore. It's been a long time since we were there... .
    Good times when we were all there together with our rascally kiddos!

    1. The water was a lot higher this year, It would not have been a good year for our crazy kids to frolic that close to the falls.

  2. Glad you got to get your fix! I can't imagine ever getting tired of the North Shore. So pretty! I have such good memories of everything we've ever done up there, especially with the Dietzmans!

    1. Those were good times Brie. Do you remember camping at Lamb's resort, we were right on the shore! Dad said we camped there twice.

  3. It's been years since we've been to the North Shore, and never this far north. Now I am ready to head up there. And I totally agree with you about Door County.

    That first shot of you and Rick is absolutely precious, one to print, frame and hang somewhere in your home. And that sunrise, ah, gorgeous as is the actual photo. Your photography continues to impress me. You have been gifted with "the eye."

  4. Audrey, have you been up as far as Grand marais? I know you would love it there, It's a city of so much art (museums/studio's). I have a blog coming up on Grand Marias next. Thanks for the nice comments about the photos I took. I'm learning new things everyday :)