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Friday, October 26, 2012

Omphalotus illudens

Today as I was walking down the side of my yard, 
something caught my eye in the neighbors yard right next to ours....
This orangey clump thingy ! 

They had recently dug up an old rotten stump,
 they threw in some black dirt  and have seeded the area.

 As I got closer to inspect it, I deducted that it was some sort of mushroom

A rather large accumulation of this unique fungi 

I had to know what it was and I'm pretty sure I've got it...
The best part is it's name
So fitting for this time of year
I cant wait to share it with you.....
This mushroom is called a

Jack O' Lantern Mushroom.... I love it, just in time for Halloween!

The information I found on the internet, was helpful in defining this odd looking fungi

*It grows at the base of diciduous trees & stumps
 or on the ground from decaying underground roots.
Bright orange in color
Grows July thru November.

Poisonous.... Yikes



  1. Don't stuff it and eat it.

  2. Great eye, as always, Jackie. We should have been explorers, you and I. Oh, yeah, we are.

  3. It's really pretty!