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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Checkin' stuff of my list

It was a beautiful weekend to get some things done around the house....

Rick Golfed both Saturday and Sunday so I did I few things 
I'd been wanting to get done around the house

First get the box of Outdoor Christmas lights down from the garage shelf and in the house,
 so they have a chance to thaw out before I put them on the bushes.

 Finished trimming back the dead plants in the gardens,
 so things will be ready for planting in the spring.
 Extension cords ready for plugging in the Christmas lights
Did I mention it was in the mid 50's this weekend....gorgeous!!!
Christmas lights spread out on the lawn, ready to apply to bushes.

You'll have to wait for the official "lighting of the bushes", 
the lights go on the day after Thanksgiving.  
I figure I'd like to get through on holiday before I start celebrating the next. 

Side note.... there was little to NO snow on the ground on Christmas day last year, so I'll be praying extra hard for snow this year, pardon me if I seem a little obnoxious in my desire for snow.
If it's gonna be winter.... we might as well have snow!
 I Love the beauty of Winter, 
bring it on.


  1. As long as the snow doesn't fall when we need to travel for Christmas...

    My eldest daughter's boyfriend, who recently relocated from LA to St. Paul, is hoping for his first white Christmas.

    I'll be awaiting the unveiling of the Christmas lights at your home.

  2. Oh don't expect anything spectacular Audrey... It's not much, just a touch of color for fun :) and Yes I hope the roads will be clear for all those who have to travel for Christmas !

  3. your house always looks pretty for Christmas!
    We did final yard work today ... tucked everything in and spent the day outside. Love this weather! ;)

  4. Thanks Cheri, I agree yesterday was lovely, I really should mow again because my grass is still growing, will the neighbors think Im nuts?

    1. This would make a great blog post: "Do the neighbors think I'm nuts?"