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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's all good

I've noticed today that a lot of my blogger friend are posting about 
the wonderful weather we had this weekend!
 Getting yard work done, enjoying the new growth that spring has finally brought forth, 
and just spending time with family. 
I thought I would carry on the theme and share some of our weekend fun.

With temps finally in the 70's it was time to get our outdoor living space set up
 We spent a lot of time out here this weekend...

It was filled with people on Saturday afternoon as we hosted 
a special 4 year olds birthday party
Happy Birthday to our sweet granddaughter Audrey (right), she's growing up too fast!

"Hello Kitty" jammies and a princess cake, who could ask for more?

Lots of family to celebrate with

Good to have the oldest boy home, Carson loves his uncle Brice.

 Back yard beauties...my crocus's in full bloom

 My 1st flower purchase of the season. 
I had to have a splash of color on the front step for the big party.

Sadly I will need to bring these pretties back inside by mid week as temperatures 
are predicted to plummet once again.

I couldn't resist...
Audrey loves to dress herself, and this is what she came up with this morning.
(Photo courtesy of my daughter) 
I just Love this girl and her stylin" outfit! This is all quite typical.
 Note all of her accessories, from jewelry, to purse to hair clips and headband....
and then there's "the pose"

"oh my heart"


  1. As I've said before, I love your outdoor space!

    Audrey really is growing up so fast! Such a little doll.

    1. Finally....we got to set it up, yea! Thanks for the sweet comment about Audrey, she is a doll that's for sure :)

  2. What an adorable birthday diva. Seeing that group shot reminds me of the family birthday parties we hosted for our kids when they were little. Except for the son. By the time he came along eight years after the eldest, we were too tired to keep hosting these. So, alas, he had only one birthday party. I still feel guilty about that.

    Anyway, love your deck setting. So inviting. And the dianthus, yeah, you better take those pretties inside later this week.

  3. We have enjoyed hosting Audrey's party's since my daughter's townhouse is too small for so many people but come June when little Carson turns 1, they will be in their big new house and his party will be there. We have always done birthday big in the Hemmer house, not everyone does, that's ok, it's really what you do for your own that is special to them, right! Thanks for reminding what my plant is called, I knew it started with a "d" but that's about it :) She will have a snug place in the garage to stay protected from the snow....did I just say snow?

  4. I love your outdoor space Jackie, it is so inviting. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! Looks like she had a great time. I'm not too excited about the upcoming weather. Oh well what more should we expect from our beloved state. :)

    1. "beloved state", that made me giggle, but really Rachel wouldn't want to live anywhere else, despite this crazy weather :)

  5. Love that stylin Audrey:)

    1. Isn't she something :)

  6. How does the deck look today?
    At least you enjoy the snow! :)

    1. Well, it's looks beautiful with snow, but sadly the canopy got too heavy (with snow) and the metal beams holding up the roof collapsed, that makes me sad :(

  7. What a fun day that was! Such great pics. Thanks for 4 years in a row of the party at your place! It just feels like home to me :)

  8. It better feel like home Missy.... It was your home for 23 yrs, right :) It will always be your home, just not the place you live, Love you