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Saturday, May 25, 2013

God's Acres

Your bound to find something good if your travel country roads
 Thursday as my mom and I were getting lost exploring and traveling to Altura Mn to get our flowers, we came across this amazing cemetery near Elba, Mn...

A small cemetery with several gated plots 

 Most of the stones were unreadable, which always makes me kind of sad

 even more sad to me is that none of the small gated plots had been cared for, 
dandelions and long grass invaded the area between the stones. 
The iron fences surrounding each plot were speckled with rust, in need of some fresh paint.

A few headstones stood alone under this big tree

I often stand in these small cemeteries and wonder about those who have passed. Did the ones here, farm in this community near Elba, MN... Were they wealthy? The gated plots make it seem so, but then again I don't really know, (I have just never seen that before).  Do they have family that still care enough to visit.... I know I would, if they were my family, and I would have those plots looking immaculate. This cemetery doesn't even have a name. I tried looking it up, but found nothing.
I was glad to come across this quaint little graveyard. I may have to make a second visit, I would love to learn more about this one!


  1. I've never seen a cemetery with gated areas like that. It's quite intriguing! It is so sad they haven't been cared for but it's still so lovely.

    1. Yes, Jill it's a very lovely graveyard despite the long grass and dandelions :)

  2. What an incredible find. But sad, too, as you said. So much history and art and wondering here.

    1. Yes ,some of the iron gates were quite intricate and artsy :)

  3. Very interesting Jackie. I've never seen gated plots before. I wonder if all of the family has passed on? I would be interested in hearing what you find out.