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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Date morning

Had a date with Audrey today...
1st stop, Caribou for some "coffee"

I had to make a stop at fleet farm. 
She needed to stop and admire the womens sweaters.
 She has always been a little fashion Diva, she loves clothes and takes notice to what others are wearing, often giving compliments on what they are wearing .  
She dresses her self in cute little outfits making sure to  match her hair bows and clips.

Standing-in with the manniquins at Old Navy...
Do you see the little human girl?

We had our coffee, bought some treats, a couple of new outfits and  of course new PJ,s, 
This girl loves her "jammies".  
After our date we met Brianna and Carson for lunch. 

Such a fun morning with my little shopping buddy. 
  Love her!!!


  1. I wish Audrey would have accompanied me last evening when I was shopping for mother-of-the-bride dresses. I bet she could have helped me choose.

    Such a little diva, yes. That last photo with the mannequins is something. Quite the creative shot. Whose idea? Yours or hers?

    1. She would have been a great resource Audrey.... the other day she questioned whether the shorts I was wearing went with my shirt or not, She said it very politely with a kind of an awkward look on her face. (she's honest but would never want to hurt my feelings ) My idea to do the mannequin shot, but she didn't hesitate when I suggested it :)

  2. She is so adorable! Am not sure which one of you has more fun. ;)

    1. We both have fun Jill.... I cant get enough of her :)

  3. My great grand daughter should be a model.
    She is something else.:)

    1. She's a cutie that's for sure mom.

  4. I love that mannequin shot, with her little hands on her hips. She so adores being with you, I'm glad you two get to have special dates. Does she have lip stick on in the first picture? Audrey keeps 'lovingly' suggesting that I wear clips/bows to match my shirt. Yesterday she said, "Mama I love your new blue shirt, but I think you could maybe wear a clip or a bracelet to match" Oh my goodness, she is too funny :)

  5. No lipstick, just frosting from her apple "cider" ha :) I think you need to accessorize a little more....just for Audrey :)

  6. The girl cracks me up ... and reminds me of a little girl (or two) I raised when it comes to the shopping, accessories, and matching outfits!